Sinzere & The Tribe

Free Admission
_0005_Sinzere & The Tribe


Saturday February 11, 2023
Time: 8:10 PM - 9:00 PM


Olympic Plaza
228 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
T2P 2M5


Winning awards, making killer videos, singing/rapping/freestyling over sick, thick beats: all just another day at the office for Sinzere. She’s a self-proclaimed bohemian, an avant-garde free spirit who has no room in her life for your drama – she’s too busy honouring her craft. From dancer to award-winning DJ to lyricist/songwriter/hip-hop champion, all of Sinzere’s passions are alchemized in her fierce, charismatic performances. She has an expert ear for melody, rhythm and rhyme, and uses her voice and words to transport rock, jazz, soul, R&B or reggae to new places. For all her bohemian tendencies, Sinzere is a savvy, unrelenting creator who is amassing a fortune in unique musical currency. From the semi-autobiographical narrative of Ghetto Gabby (2019) to the unreserved and anthemic BLACKOUT (2021) to owning her own label Hers & Herz, Sinzere is a true maven. Her self and spirit is woven into her music, whether producing on a record or performing live with a full band, Sinzere tells her own story.

Biography by Liam Prost

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