Fancy Meeting You Here

Presented by The C+D Lab

Free Admission


February 2 - 18, 2024


Old Fire Hall #1
104 6 Ave SE, Calgary


Winner of the City of Calgary’s 2024 Winter Design Competition

During the winter, the snow and cold temperatures highlight the city in a different way – the lights shine brighter, the sounds echo louder and there is a sense of enchantment. However, along with fewer hours of sunlight and other difficult winter conditions many additional challenges also arise, including a sense of isolation. With the aim of addressing winter time isolation “Fancy Meeting You Here” has been imagined as a catalyst for engagement encouraging people to stop, connect, and linger during the winter months.

The intent of the installation is to transform a dark and overlooked space in downtown Calgary with an interactive lighting design that provides a warm and responsive place for people to gather.  

As you begin to interact with the installation, the real magic begins. In response to you joining or leaving, changing patterns of light wash over the adjacent walls and surrounding space creating a warm and engaging atmosphere. Inspired by the beauty of winter and the need for connection, the art-piece welcomes you into unintentional collaboration that enlivens an otherwise mundane space and transforms it into a whimsical place of serendipitous interactions.

So take a moment, pause and maybe stay a while? Bring your friends, make new ones and discover how your presence impacts the space!

Shaheed H. Karim, MLA


Shaheed is an Intern Landscape Architect and an interdisciplinary designer. His work focuses on creating vibrant, inclusive spaces and installations that evoke a sense of delight and wonderment in everyday environments.

Karim Manji, DPM, FACFAS


Karim is a Podiatric Surgeon with a focus on the diabetic foot. He has a keen interest in researching and bringing attention to the need for increased health care access and social support to prevent diabetes-related foot complications.

Natasha Karim-Manji, MA


Natasha is a communication specialist and a post secondary instructor. Her work focuses on investigating ways to foster discourse and create space for diverse voices and experiences.

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