Chinook Blast Asian Market

Free Admission
Chinook Blast Feb 19 - NZ-8887


Fri, Feb 3, 5 pm-9 pm
Sat, Feb 4, 12pm -8 pm
Sun, Feb 5, 10 am - 3 pm


City Hall Atrium
800 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB
T2G 5E6


Join us at the Chinook Blast Asian Market 2023. Experience the various sights, sounds and tastes of Calgary’s diverse Asian community! Enjoy family-friendly interactive games, stunning artwork, beautiful traditional wear from various Asian communities, and witness the bright and colourful cultures of Asian heritage right here in Calgary.

Come and experience amazing non-stop performances, from martial arts demos to traditional and cultural dances and music and song numbers all throughout the 3-day Asian Market.

Join us in lighting up our city at the City Hall Atrium, 800 Macleod Trail SE. Please visit our Instagram page @ahfcalgary for posts, photos and other fun facts

Friday – Drumming Circle and Lantern Parade at 6pm to 7pm
Saturday  – Asian Heritage Fashion Show
Sunday – Lion Dance (to celebrate and conclude the Asian Market)
Activities throughout the Asian Market – Traditional Asian Wear Life Drawings, VR games, interactive games and arts zones


Friday, February 3
5 pm: Zhaoli Dance School
5:30pm: Chinese Pop Songs (Winnie Ka Ling Chow),  Afgan Dance, Cactus Korean Dance
6 pm: Lantern Parade
8 pm: Chinese Classical Dance [古典舞],  Porcelain Love [青花瓷] (Tundra Swan), Legend of Sword [剑器行] (Tundra Swan), Interesting [八音盒] (Tundra Swan), Knightly Beauty [霍元甲] (Tundra Swan), Spring [春] (Tundra Swan) The Visa Band

Saturday, February 4
12:30 pm:  Vietnamese Songs (Le Quach; Van Quach), Zhaoli Dance School
1 pm:  Northeastern Dance [東北秧歌] (Shine Dance and Lady Club), Chinese Pop Song (Richard Chin), Vietnamese Dance (CVWA), Xin Jiang Dance [新疆舞] (Shine Dance and Lady Club) Calgary Tai Chi & Martial Arts
1:30 pm: LA MOSCA, Chinese Classical Dance [古典舞] (Shine Dance and Lady Club)
2 pm: Asian Heritage Fashion Show
2:30 pm: Korean Strings,  Thai Dance (Thai Cultural Council of Calgary), The Visa Band
3:00 pm: Live Music (Chi Quach; Winnie Ka Ling Chow; Mannix Young)
3:30 pm: Indonesian Dance (Budaya Nusantara Association), Maharlika Divas Dance, Madhuban Perfoming Arts, Hakka Dance (Tsung Tsin)
4 pm: Kendy Lo & Kelton Lam, Qipao Show [旗袍秀-傳奇] (Calgary Chinese Qipao Association), Chinese New Year Dance (Tsung Tsin), Piano Performance (The Louis Brothers)
4:30 pm: Zhaoli Dance School, Immigrant Learning Mums, Binhi ng Lahi Philippine Folk Dance Troupe
5 pm: Bollywood Dance (F.O.C.U.S. on Seniors), SPARQ PRODUCTIONS INC
5:30 pm: Korean Dance (New Life K-Pop Dance; Kang’s Samullori), Garba Dance (F.O.C.U.S. on Seniors)
6 pm: Korean Dance (Cactus Korean; Danceryoo Academy)
6:30 pm: Japanese Songs (YOSOCA)

Sunday, February 5

10 am: Chinese Traditional and Modern Dance (Peach Plum Art Academy), Chinese Dance in Traditional Attire [ 青 衫红袍] (Calgary Chinese Apparel Culture Association), Tundra Swan Dance School
10:30 am: Thai Dance (Thai Cultural Council of Calgary), Chinese Traditional Dance (Peach Plum Art Academy), Indian Dance (F.O.C.U.S. on Seniors), Calgary Chinese Apparel Culture Association
11 am: Zhaoli Dance School, Grateful for you (DY Dance Studio), Cactus Dance, Tang Poetry [诗韵] (DY Dance Studio)
11:30 am: Indian Academy of Classical Dance
12 pm: Maharlika Divas Dance, DY Dance Studio, Qipao Show [旗袍秀-怎叹] (Calgary Qipao Assocation), Laasya – Indian Academy of Classical Dance, Cactus Korean Dance
12:30 pm: Zhaoli Dance School, Calgary Tai Chi & Martial Arts College
1 pm: Live Music (Winnie Ka Ling Chow; Mannix Yong; Nyuk Lan Chin; Chi Quach)
1:30 pm:   Kendy Lo & Ricky Lee
2 pm: Traditional Bharatnatyam (Kala Bhavan of Calgary)

Lion Dance – Closing Ceremony
Games and Arts Zones schedule – click here.

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