1000 FACES

Free Admission


January 15 - April 15, 2024


Eau Claire promenade near 6 St SW
698 Eau Claire Ave SW, Calgary


Winners of the City of Calgary’s 2024 Winter City Design Competition. Learn more here.

Enchanting Calgary: 1000 Faces Unveils a Symphony of Nature and Art

Artist +AMOR (Alejandro Figueroa) presents 1000 Faces, a breathtaking installation poised to transform Calgary’s cityscape. Suspended on a 40-foot arch, a 12-foot diameter sphere adorned with 1779 plexiglass tiles mirrors the grace of birds and schools of fish. Step beneath to be immersed in a unity of nature and art, a captivating dance of translucent reflections.

Collaborating with Calgary-born composer King Aurorus, the installation’s auditory experience combines digital and natural soundscapes. An augmented reality (AR) layer adds a vibrant dimension, exploring mythological creatures and indigenous culture. +AMOR’s vision extends beyond art; it’s a narrative of community building and healing, fostering connection and dialogue.

The installation is dedicated to all Indigenous children found in unmarked graves throughout Canada and aims to contribute to awareness and reconciliation.

1000 Faces invites Calgarians on a transformative journey, celebrating diversity and the magic of winter. Don’t miss this captivating fusion of art and nature, a testament to the boundless possibilities of creative expression.


+AMOR (Alejandro Figueroa )



+AMOR, the artistic persona of Alejandro Figueroa, transcends conventional boundaries to create immersive and transformative artistic experiences. With over 20

years of expertise as an art producer, curator, and visionary artist, +AMOR has become a luminary in the realm of multi-sensory installations.

Having navigated the diverse landscapes of esteemed institutions such as the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art and the Arsenal of Contemporary Art, +AMOR’s journey is punctuated by triumphs, including first place in the VR contest at the Phi Center in 2016 and securing the top spot at ArtWorkTO 2021. A grant recipient from the Canadian Council for the Arts in 2023, +AMOR’s global footprint extends to projects and residencies worldwide, leaving an indelible mark at the Autonomous University of Querétaro.

The essence of +AMOR’s artistic vision goes beyond mere creation; it is rooted in community building and healing. Collaborating with talents like Calgary-born composer King Aurorus, +AMOR orchestrates symphonies that blend the digital and natural worlds. The 1000 Faces installation, suspended on a 40-foot arch, stands as a testament to +AMOR’s commitment to uniting diverse demographics, fostering dialogue, and celebrating the magic of art.

+AMOR’s work is an invitation to explore the intersection of nature, technology, and humanity. With each installation, +AMOR invites participants to step into a realm where senses converge, and boundaries dissolve, leaving an enduring imprint on the shared human experience.


  • Wheelchair accessible

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