Winter Song

Presented by Ciele Beau and PARK

Chinook Blast 2023 NZ-4387


Friday January 27, 2023 - Sunday February 12, 2023
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Wednesday February 8, 2023
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Friday February 10, 2023
Saturday February 11, 2023


Olympic Plaza
228 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB


Winter Song
An Interactive Art Experience by Ciele Beau and PARK

This art installation is an interactive and immersive art piece designed by PARK in collaboration with Ciele Beau for the Chinook Blast Festival. Inspired by Ciele’s experiences having Synesthesia, this multi-coloured structure is actually a visual representation of the beautiful duet ‘Winter Song’ by Ingrid Michaelson and Sarah Bareilles.

What is Synesthesia?
Synesthesia is a neurological condition, where the brain misfires sensory information. For example, when Ciele hears music she sees colour and shape! Beau explores the relationship between sound and the colour she experiences when hearing any given piece of music through her painting practise ‘Sound to Colour’. This is her first time creating a 3-Dimensional interpretation of her work and the hope is that visitors will feel immersed by the use of vibrant hues and unique forms that echo the notes of the song. As they move through the structure, visitors will be able to see different sections of the song translated into colour, and in musical time. In theory, each wall could be played like sheet music!

Each wall represents a different section of the song and is technically read left to right, top to bottom, from the outside of the structure. As visitors walk around the sculpture the front wall represents the “Bu-Bu-Bum’ phrase, the right wall is the second verse, the back wall is the phrase ‘Is love alive’, and the left wall is the chorus.


Photo by Neil Zeller.

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