Shadow Box

ShadowBox - Vikram Johal


Saturday January 28, 2023 - Sunday February 12, 2023
Sunday January 29, 2023
Monday January 30, 2023
Tuesday January 31, 2023
Wednesday February 1, 2023
Thursday February 2, 2023
Friday February 3, 2023
Saturday February 4, 2023
Sunday February 5, 2023
Monday February 6, 2023
Tuesday February 7, 2023
Wednesday February 8, 2023
Thursday February 9, 2023
Friday February 10, 2023
Saturday February 11, 2023


The Residence Inn Marriott
610 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB


Shadowbox is about the “Observer being the Observed”. We often perceive ourselves as separate entities, disconnected from others by time and space. We may feel as though our actions and emotions exist in a vacuum, but this is not the case. We are all interconnected whether we are aware of it or not. Shadowbox uses light and atmospheric conditions to draw users into the installation. Visually it reads as a passageway of light, a temporary immersion in colour as you walk through. To users on the outside however you become the interactive point of interest. Your shadows are projected on the glowing acrylic panels, creating dynamic visuals that represent our transient interactions with one another. Whether aware of it or not, you are both the puppet and puppet master.