City Scape



Friday January 27, 2023 - Sunday February 12, 2023
Saturday January 28, 2023
Sunday January 29, 2023
Monday January 30, 2023
Tuesday January 31, 2023
Wednesday February 1, 2023
Thursday February 2, 2023
Friday February 3, 2023
Saturday February 4, 2023
Sunday February 5, 2023
Monday February 6, 2023
Tuesday February 7, 2023
Wednesday February 8, 2023
Thursday February 9, 2023
Friday February 10, 2023
Saturday February 11, 2023


Calgary, AB


City Scape is a homage to the people-powered vibrancy that is our city. It celebrates the youthful, playful energy that Calgarians are known for.  The audience is invited to see Calgary with childlike wonder, as this work is represented by glass in colourful, geometric shapes reminiscent of building blocks. City Scape has been constructed from both handmade blown glass, as well as recycled glass bottles cut and stacked to represent our downtown core. This multicoloured glass version of Calgary’s core sits on a rotatable base (made of recycled wood shared by local contractors), and lights are activated by sensors as the artwork is turned.


City Scape emphasizes that a great city is not just to be admired from afar:  it is alive because of the people in it.  As people stop to experience City Scape they will look into the piece and imagine themselves living in a vibrant city full of opportunity and warmth.  City Scape invites Calgarians to play and be a part of this piece as they turn the handle and watch the coloured glass city light up; beautifully representing how it is the people that make this great city turn!


The people who call Calgary home, who work and play and spark change here, are the ones who light it up and make it glow with life.